Jul 11, 2012
Jane Jenesca

Camilla Parker Engagement Ring

It was already a trend since centuries ago when it comes to giving expensive engagement rings. Camilla Parker is another lucky woman to receive one of those, when Prince Charles gave her a $1 million worth of engagement ring  The ring features an emerald-cut center with six diamond baguettes on its sides. It has a three stepped stair bar on both sides. It is said to be an art Deco era ring with platinum and diamond owned by the Queen mother as an heirloom ring.

It is a timeless ring and surely would exist forever and would be handed down from one generation to another. Despite of the controversial romantic relation of this two love birds, the ring is the symbol of how timeless their love for each other is. Their marriage just take place last 2005, despite of the speculations if they should be getting married or not at all. Love conquers all just like diamonds are still sparkling no matter what happens.


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