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Sep 15, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Savannah Brinson E-Ring

Nothing more fulfilling than marrying your highschool sweetheart. It happened to LeBron James, it was Saturday when he married his long time love Savannah Brinson. Their wedding was a secret ceremony which was attended by a few of their families and close friends, in San Diego at Grand Del Mar Hotel. The Miami Heat All-Star cannot ask for more, as they exchanged their marriage vows with their two children. Their love have already stand the test of time since they were together when they were only 16.

Wow! Great love indeed! He then popped the question last 2011 when they were celebrating the New Year’s Eve together at the Shelborne hotel in Miami. A long engagement didn’t break them, it even make them love each other and be with each other forever. He gave her that stunning and massive seven carat pear-shaped center diamond engagement ring with classic tapered baguette side.


Jul 26, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Miranda Kerr E-Ring

Miranda Kerr is a one lucky woman to have been engaged to the Hollywood’s hottest young actors, Orlando Bloom.That’s why she was happy to show off her sparkling diamond engagement ring as she was going out in Los Angeles. Miranda Kerr the 27 year-old lingerie model flashes her sparkling new accessory any where she goes. Her ring costs approximately about $65,000 and estimated to be 3 or 4 carats diamond. Seems that Orlando Bloom was really strucked by this Aussie model and stunner.

Jul 7, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Elisha Cuthbert Wedding and Engagement Ring

Jun 29, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Katherine Heigl E-Ring

Apr 24, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Engagement Ring

Supermodel Rosie Huntington Whiteley was rumored to be wearing an engagement ring but it wasn’t confirmed yet. It can be seen through her appearances that she seems to be wearing one. If she is engaged indeed it maybe to her partner Jason Stratham.

Apr 23, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Avril Lavigne Engagement Ring

Just recently Avril Lavigne was again rocking an engagement ring from her beau Chad Kroeger. Theirs was a relationship which develops through time, they have been together as friends and they wrote songs together, until they decided to have a relationship and it is obvious that he is madly inlove with her. They started dating last summer and after he month he got down on his knee to propose to her! It seems that they can’t be more happier now that they are planning a wedding very soon. Just take a look at that massive ring! A 14 carat pear shaped diamond as a center stone. She’s one lucky lady indeed!

Feb 22, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Lara Bingle Engagement Ring

Here’s another pear shaped huge engagement ring of an Aussie celebrity Lara Bingle a TV Personality from Michael Clark. They are the Ausie version of posh&becks. They got engaged over the easter when they were in New York. According to other sources the ring was almost 4.7 carat diamond, what a giant diamond ring indeed! It cost approximately 200K $.
No way this ring is worth $200kUSD. He got robbed. I would put it at between $50k to $80 unless it was a IF. I highly doubt it was IF.
The good news is we will never tell. The pair split up and Lovely Lara flushed the ring down the toilet.
What a woman

Feb 13, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Traci Bingham Engagement Ring

Actress Traci Bingham is ready to walk down the aisle as she showed her huge pear shaped diamond engagement ring first at the Lingerie Bowl Launch last 2004 in California. After her divorce last 2001 she is again ready for marriage at it is with the big time investment banker John Yarbrough.

Feb 6, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Mia Farrow Engagement Ring

Mia Farrow as known to the world because of her beauty, her efforts to humanity and especially her famous relationships. She was only 21 when famous singer Frank Sinatra 50 at the time proposed to her. Age different doesn’t matter to them at that time and he proposed to her with a gorgeous pear shaped ring that costs $85,000 back then in the year 1966. It is a solitaire pear shaped diamond ring placed in a cake box as they are in a transcontinental flight.

It was less than two years after they split up because ofcourse of some reasons and one of those is the huge age difference which is really hard to deal with.

Jan 4, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Elisha Cuthbert Engagement Ring

Elisha Cuthbert  debuted her diamond from her beau Dion Phaneuf in September. They were dating since 2008 and it was last year when he ask her to be with him for the rest of their lives and she was indeed happy about it. The pear-shaped diamond has since been seen on many red carpet. The hockey player was excited that they threw a party for friends as they announced their happiness as being engaged.