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May 15, 2012
Jane Jenesca

Natalie Portman’s engagement ring

Natalie Portman’s engagement ring. Who the heck is Benjamin Millepied I guess he is some back up dancer for who? Natalie must have loaned him some cash to snap up this killer ring. Its a nice $35,000 piece made by Jamie Wolf. I have heard rumors that this thing cost over $100,000 but I really cant tell you. There is alot of hoopla about how it was made from blood free diamonds and recycled platinum. Some little hippy she is ? The center stone is a 4 carat and you are not goign to get one of those for $35,000 especially “blood free” or what ever they like to call them now days. For such a low key girl she sure wants to attract some attention wrapping that thing in a double halo. Stay classy girls

Looks like every other stone to me. Nice not to bad