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Sep 7, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Heidi Montag Engagement Ring

It was related that Heidi Montag’s ring was a face. Fake or not atleast she got that massive ring, kudos to now husband Spencer Pratt. It was said to have only cost over 2,000 dollars and surely any working person can afford. What is more important is their happy relationship. Just his birthday Heidi cam out of that huge cake to surprise him. What is sweeter than that? Your wife coming out of a cake. Cool!

Aug 1, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Adriana Lima E-Ring

Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima was amrried to serbian basketball star Marko Jaric. They have eloped since 2009 and surely many men were broken-hearted priligy online canada. What a lucky guy Marko is stealing the heart of the beautiful Victoria’s secret supermodel. He proposed to her after nine months of dating with that huge 5-carat round diamond and surrounded with smaller diamonds. It was really a find and sparkling diamond fit for the supermodel. He gave it to her during her 27th birthday which she happily received, then they soon get married. The five carat diamond is approximately worth more that a hundred thousand dollars. Wow, he must have dug deep down his pocket to get the best for his lady love.

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Jul 26, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Miranda Kerr E-Ring

Miranda Kerr is a one lucky woman to have been engaged to the Hollywood’s hottest young actors, Orlando Bloom.That’s why she was happy to show off her sparkling diamond engagement ring as she was going out in Los Angeles. Miranda Kerr the 27 year-old lingerie model flashes her sparkling new accessory any where she goes. Her ring costs approximately about $65,000 and estimated to be 3 or 4 carats diamond. Seems that Orlando Bloom was really strucked by this Aussie model and stunner.

Jul 23, 2013
Jane Jenesca

Nicole Richie E-Ring

When there are celebrities who are happy to announce their engagement and their upcoming wedding, sadly there are also who part ways. It may be heartbreaking but they have to go through it, just like with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden who go their separate ways. However maybe it’s not working out at the time but think they can also make it work somehow. Nicole Richie stopped wearing her engagement ring that most people close to her got shocked. Despite that they already have their own lives, they still gave time together with their kids which is very important. Let’s take a look back at her gorgeous engagement ring. It has a large diamond as a center stone. They got engaged five months after she gave birth to their second child. It was a handmade round diamond ring which is about four carats and is a work of art of Neil Lane. The ring costs approximately $150,000 which is really reasonable if it is for a girl like her.