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Jun 2, 2012
Jane Jenesca

2 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Take a look at this classy 2 ct center stone round diamond ring with a nice halo. I am not a fan of a halo on big stones but it looks nice and tasteful on this one. Nice ring any woman would be proud to sport this engagement ring. Guess who is the lucky lady?

Jun 1, 2012
Jane Jenesca

3.1 CT Cushion Ring With Halo

This one is set in platinum and looks amazing. I will go on to tell you the ring is a size 3.5 so the stone does look a little bigger than your average 3 CT Cushion diamond. I love this ring and the lucky lady who is wearing it sure has some class

May 11, 2012
Jane Jenesca

Courtney Mazza’s Engagement Ring

This is a nice round 5 carat stone. Its gorgeous and very classy. I am not sure a 5 carat stone needs a halo but she obviously wanted to look like her finger was totally covered. It look nice and the cost is said to be around $80,000 Mario Lopez knows how to please her and keeps her happy here.