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Aug 2, 2012

Kiera Knightley Engagement Ring

After 15 months of courtship, Keira Knightley proudly gave a sign of real love by her famous rockstar boyfriend James Righton of Klaxons an engagement ring that no one could ever lie the true affection they had. Like Keira, the ring was designed as very classic and romantic.

The ring was detailed as 2-carat, brilliant cut solitaire diamond on a platinum band that worth as $40,000. On the meantime, Kiera and her boyfriend James does not have a concrete plan about the exact date of their marriage.

They’re still enjoying each other’s company, living together and raising their devotions. Only time will tell when they would be married and begin a happy never ending story with their own family.

May 29, 2012
Jane Jenesca

Keira Knightley Engagement Ring

This just in breaking news. It appears Keira Knightley is engaged and wearing a nice new ring. Its a gold band with a solitare diamond.