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Jul 4, 2012
Jane Jenesca

Paris Hilton Engagement Ring

Who got the biggest engagement ring? It was Paris Hilton way back in 2005 where her short time boyfriend a Greek shipping heir proposed to her with a 24 carat white diamond engagement ring. It is worth $4.7 million just perfect for the socialite and the heiress of Hilton chain of hotels. Paris Latsis who also comes from a wealthy family, pops the question when Hilton returns three weeks after her trip in Europe.

Since a 24 carat emerald cut diamond is too heavy for Hilton’s slim finger, she complained that it hurts wearing it everyday. Then Latsis gave her a diamond-less platinum cartier ring she can wear everyday. Two engagement rings for a princess! Weeks after, because of the fear of divorce in the future because they are too young to get married, Hilton broke the engagement and insists to return the ring but he didn’t get it back. So Hilton decided to auction it to help the victims of hurricane Katrina. The winner of the bid paid the ring half the price.