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Jul 11, 2012
Jane Jenesca

Wallis Simpson Engagement Ring

This is an epic love story because of their forbidden love affair the first time they met. Owe it to the King Edward III who abdicated his throne just to be with his great love Wallis Simpson. It was after his 325-day that he let go of his throne to be with the Queen of his heart. He gave her an emerald engagement ring six years after they met and after she divorced her husband. The ring is 19.77 carat emerald with inscription ‘we are ours now 27 x 36’ which represents the date he proposed to her.

They then get married at the Chateau deCandé, near Tours in France. They have had 16 guests and no one attended from the Duke’s family during their union. It seems that it is a fairy tale come true, a love which conquers everything no matter what happens or what the price is. Nothing is really greater than to be with the one you are madly in love with.